100th dispute resolution case of .cn and .中国 for WIPO


As of 09/09/2021 WIPO, in a post announced that it has received the 100th case for dispute resolution of TLDs .cn and .中国. Although there are numerous domain extensions under WIPO, these extensions have their own significance.  .cn and .中国 are Chinese ccTLDs, and are in fact quite popular worldwide. Considering the rise of Chinese business firms as the global juggernauts, the country’s...

ælf switches to this spectacular new domain name


As of 09/09/2021 aelf, stylised as ælf, is a blockchain company that has multi-chain parallel computing features. The company aims to solve the long pertaining scalability issue in the blockchain ecosystem.  The company however recently made a whooping acquisition. The company in an outstanding branding push purchased a million dollar name. No, the use of ‘a million’ is not merely an...

Biden Administration launches new website to bring separated families ‘together’


As of 17/09/2021 One of the many important issues on which the US Presidential Election 2020 had been fought was immigration. Trump during his presidential stint was pretty strict on immigration. I mean who can forget the Trump’s iconic wall?  However Trump’s strict immigration policy led to the separation of children from their families. While the children were kept under the US...

Gamasutra rebrands to Game Developer


As of 24/08/2021 Gamasutra, a website that has been online since 1997 has decided to switch names. The popular gaming website has decided that it is going to rebrand itself as Game Developer.  The website that has been till now, running on, will switch to In fact, earlier Game Developer used to be a magazine too, that wrote everything related to Game...

Second level .au registrations to be made available


As of 20/08/2021 .au domain name regulatory authority auDA has announced that second level .au domain names will be made available from 24 March 2022. The move follows the precedent of other ccTLDs such as the United Kingdom (.uk), Canada (.ca), United States (.us), etc.  This means that one can get a domain name, which earlier wasn’t available. Earlier you could only get a...

American Football attempts to RE-BRAND itself through this new domain name


As of 19/08/2021 World sports is changing. As a new generation of viewers emerges, sports need to reinvent itself too, to remain relevant. Accordingly, a new step has been taken by American Football.  American Football’s International governing body, the International Federation of American Football has announced the launch of its new website. The federation has started...

Microsoft replaces journalists with AI


As of 30/05/2020 Microsoft recently let go of journalists in favor of Artificial Intelligence. As reported by The Guardian, Microsoft has let go of dozens of journalists who maintained news in its MSN website or at the Edge browser. Microsoft ended its contract with PA media who employed these journalists. This measure has been a worldwide trend where humans are being replaced by a...

Why you should update your Zoom App before 30th May


As of 30/05/2020 If you are also among the millions depending upon Zoom for your professional communication then you should update your Zoom App before 30th May to continue using its services. Zoom has rolled its new Zoom 5.0, updating to which has been made mandatory. In case you don’t do it the consequence is simple, you won’t be able to call anyone. The reason behind this is the swarm of cases... up for sale?


Sedo is conducting its GreatDomains Auction. There are a multitude of great domain names available to bid upon, but one domain name is just unbelievable to see. Yes, the domain name, is up for auction!  OpenSea is an NFT buying and selling platform. And it is not just a NFT platform, it is the NFT platform. With a 35% market share, it is the biggest player in the industry right...

Earlier the dispute was over land, now over domain names


As of 31/07/2021 History has a knack of becoming relevant over and over again. It is said that to understand the present one must first know about the past. And truly so, when it comes to the popular domain name extension  .io. As reported by Scoop, The Chagos Refugees Group UK (CRG UK) and the Crypto Currency Resolution Trust (CCRT) have filed a case against Afilias Ltd. in the Organization...

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