Once the most expensive domain name is up for sale

Domain Names are much more than just names. A perfect domain name can lift a business to scales that no one can fathom. This clearly reflects in humongous valuation for desired domain names. However, sometimes some domain names get so expensive that they make headlines.


So, was the case with the famed Sex.com that went for sale on 17th of November, 2010. The premium domain name netted a valuation of $13 million, which was a Guiness World Record at that time. This price gave the domain name an iconic status. People gave its example to present the wonders of the domain name industry.

However, the most iconic domain name in the domain name industry is up for sale again. And yes the price is again going to be a staggering one. The opening price for the domain name auction is set at $20 million.

(You can read about the domain name’s legacy in this Vice report.)

Although the base price is set at $20 million, we expect the actual sale value to be much more than that. Astonished that $20 million for a domain name is not enough? Well, you  need to look at some other domain name sale figures to grasp the situation completely.

Most expensive domain names

The top 5 most expensive domain names, according to a GoDaddy list last updated on July 14 2022, are:

  1. CarInsurance.com — $49.7 million
  2. Insurance.com — $35.6 million
  3. VacationRentals.com — $35 million
  4. PrivateJet.com — $30.18 million
  5. Voice.com — $30 million

As you can see, Sex.com’s $20 million valuation won’t even get it in the top 5 position. Such is the value associated with premium domain names. 

And these are the domain names whose sale value is reported publicly. Many domain name sales aren’t disclosed and such a case came with the domain name Cars.com. The domain name was sold at $872 million, which was found through the related company’s SEC filings.

The auction is going to continue till January 31.

What’s for offer?

The domain name Sex.com is a premium 3 lettered domain name whose branding and popularity needs no introduction. The premium domain name has a space in every domain investor’s memory and is desired by one and all.

The domain name gets 1.5 million unique visitors daily! This domain name creates a brand and following of its own without the need of even a website. That is the brand value associated with the domain name.

The owners of the domain claim that the domain name is the first one that requires Personal identification for its creators. This is going to add credibility, transparency and professionalism to the domain name and also perhaps to the industry the domain is associated with, where such notions are unheard of.

Adult entertainment industry

Adult entertainment industry needs to seriously reflect on its treatment of creators. Maybe Sex.com and the changes it is going through expand to the whole industry.

Image for figurative purpose only

Just quite recently, PornHub.com faced a major Global backlash that led to deletion of 80% of its content. The main concern behind these protests was a huge number of unconsenting adults being uploaded on the platform.

This led to huge outcry as it was often used for revenge and sexual exploitation. Many times videos of couples engaged in love were recorded either with the consent or without the consent of one of the partners and then uploaded. This leads to deep mental trauma on the victims of such cases.

There was also grave instances of sexual violence against women. Adult platforms often desensitise or normalise such issues which have a long lasting effect on the psyche of the viewers as well as the creators.

Amid such scenarios, Personal Identification for creators can provide support to the legal framework. A framework that can protect its creators and has the necessary infrastructure to implement the appropriate measures.

We hope Sex.com’s re-emergence adds to the recent debates regarding the safety of online porn.


  1. Mark Beck Avatar

    This is a rare opportunity for any individual, business, or brand to own a piece of internet history. The iconic domain is the first platform to require personal identification for the onboarding of creators. This makes it one of the most secure and well-respected websites in the industry.

  2. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    The domain name sex.com, once the most valuable domain on the internet. It will be a great asset for the buyer as such domain will always be high-valued and it will be amongst the most expensive domains in the domain market. This domain also has a huge search volume over the internet.

  3. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    The domain name industry is constantly evolving and it’s fascinating to see how much value a premium domain name can hold. From Sex.com’s $20 million starting price to CarInsurance.com’s $49.7 million sale, it’s clear that a well-chosen domain name can boost a business in ways beyond our imagination.

  4. […] Sex.com, which was sold for $13 million in 2010, receives a staggering 64 million monthly visitors, making it the most popular domain on the list by a significant margin. […]

  5. Richard Wilson Avatar
    Richard Wilson

    Owning Sex.com is an opportunity to tap into a domain with a rich history and enduring popularity. Its enduring appeal ensures that it remains an attractive asset for those seeking to make a significant impact in the online world.By acquiring Sex.com, you possess a domain that holds the potential to command attention, drive traffic, and open doors to countless opportunities. Its simplicity and high market value make it a valuable addition to any online portfolio, presenting a gateway to unparalleled visibility and recognition.

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