Once the most expensive domain name is up for sale

O went for sale on 17th of November, 2010. The premium domain name netted a valuation of $13 million, which was a Guiness World Record at that time. This price gave the domain name an iconic status. People gave its example to present the wonders of the domain name industry.

Here’s how you can register .au domain name before the public launch


On the 4th of October, .au domain space would be unlocked for the general public. Australians had been for long using the and could now register domain names with a .au extension.  Until a few days ago these domain names were restricted for the owners of domain names only. Owners of were given priority over others. However, the general public can register their domain...

ENS reports its 3rd best month in August


ENS has kept its unprecedented growth continued in the month of August as well. The blockchain domain company has reported its third highest monthly figures after July and May in August. In August 2022, ETH registered a net 301,000 new .eth domain name registrations. With this the total number of .eth domain names crossed the figure of 2.17 million. August was also the month when the net number...

Telegram to sell Usernames, Channel links as NFTs


Telegram CEO has announced that Telegram’s Usernames, Groups and Channel links would be sold as Non-fungible Token like Smart contracts. The announcement was made from the CEO’s Telegram channel. Telegram has different unique names that can be used as Usernames, Channel links. They can be suffixed to and be used, such as He Your_Name is a unique attribute and some of...

E-Commerce Scam and Fraud Reports


With the increase in scams on e-commerce websites and Instagram pages, the team at Domain Magazine has taken an initiative to investigate and call off such scams and frauds. If you have been a victim of such fraud, please post in the comments below and we will add them to the listing. 1. // Certified FraudOur first report is about a website, This site is cheating Indian...

Domain name of Cigar company expires, available at auction


Cigars, International is a Cigar company based in the US. The company was established in 1996 and is among the fastest growing cigar retailers, however a peculiar thing was noticed. A domain name belonging to the company was up for auction.  The domain name we are talking about is The domain name was registered in 1995, 1 year before the Company was established. However the domain...

.th domain names are becoming available

There is some really good news for the Thai internet ecosystem. From this year, the county is beginning to open its second level .th domain names. Until now only third level .th domain names were available. The opening up of .th domain name space would be in a phased manner. There will be 3 rounds. In Round 1, exact match business owners and Trademark holders will get their respective .th domain...

Eminem has bought half-a-million dollar NFT


Begin 2022 and even Eminem has bought a NFT. Yes, Eminem has joined the frenzy. The iconic rapper has bought Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #9055. Eminem has bought the NFT for a price of 123.45 Ethereum. This was equivalent to $453,000 at the time of purchase. OpenSea sold the NFT, and has also created a new name for the buyer. The NFT is mentioned to be owned by Shady_Holdings. A nod to the...

World’s first SMS sold as a NFT


Vodafone has sold World’s first SMS to be sent. They were sold at a Paris Auction House called Aguttes Auction House, as reported by Deutsche Welle. The Auction fetched €107, 000 which is equal to a whooping $121, 000. World’s first SMS was sent on 3rd December, 1992. It’s been almost 3 decades since! What’s even more exciting is the content of the text. The text was a... is up for sale, again!


As of 13/08/2021 World’s most popular torrent website‘s domain name is up for sale. Again. Yeah, you heard that right! And the domain name is not just another extension, it is a premium .com domain name.  Last year, T`he Pirate Bay let its two domain names, namely: and expire. It wasn’t a major concern for the site as it primarily works...

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