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You can visit Drake’s home through this ‘Drake Related’ domain name


Hollywood rockstars live life king size. It is no secret that the lavish lifestyle of these stars would make any normal person jealous. Well, this ‘Drake Related‘ domain name is certainly not making things easier for us.  It’s been 10 years since Drake’s famous album Take Care dropped. To mark the occasion, a domain name that offers a virtual tour of Drake’s...

Domain Name Service market to clock $600 million


The Domain Name Service market is expected to reach a figure of $600 million by 2026, according to a report by Reports and Data. At a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.7%, the global market would shoot from $250 million in 2018 to $600 million by 2026. The primary reason for the rise in the market would be the ever increasing online threats. One of the major threats is perceived to be DDoS...

This company dropped Dutch reference from name as well as its residence


Royal Dutch Shell Plc announced some major changes in its name as well as its operating country. The company has dropped the term ‘Royal Dutch‘ from its name, which it had kept for more than a century, and from now will be simply called Shell Plc. Along with this the company has also moved its headquarters from Hague to London.  The reason behind this move is two fold. Shell is a...

Great discounts on .ng domain name


Web4Africa, an ICANN-accredited registrar of domain names, is giving huge discounts on the second and third level .ng domain names. .ng is the ccTLD of Nigeria.  As reported by, the West African registrar is giving huge discounts. The discounts include a 57% discount on .ng domain name, 24% discount on,,, and There is another humongous...

FBI email server hijacked, fake emails sent from this domain name


Cyber crimes have become more common than anyone ever thought of. From Colonial Pipeline to Robinhood, reports of hacking have become way too frequent. However, the recent addition to the list is that no one dared to think: FBI.  Someone hacked the FBI’s email server and used it to send fake mails. Hackers used the domain name and related email Ids to send fraudulent emails...

ENS soars after airdrop


In our previous post, we discussed how Ethereum domain name holders are going to get ENS tokens. Although at that time, ENS prices had hit the floor, the currency is right now soaring.  ENS began trading at $18. However it was not long since the currency reached an all time peak of $85.704. At the time of posting, it is trading at $63.555. That is a jump of over 200%. Ethereum is...

DomainTools acquires Farsight Security


After a prolonged engagement with each other DomainTools has finally acquired Farsight Security. The merger promises to deliver the best threat assessment tools and technologies in the industry.  Farsight Security provides passive DNS cyber security data solutions. The company has the best and vital passive DNS Database DNSDB that it acquired from Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) in 2013...

NS1 and Com Laude join hands to enhance Domain Services for clients


NS1 and Com Laude have teamed up to provide efficient Domain Name Management and Services to its customers. NS1’s innovative services is going to provide a major upgrade to existing Com Laude clients.  Com Laude is a domain name portfolio management company. The company provides domain and consultancy services to big business houses. Along with it. the company also performs domain name...

Court fines $1 million to several pirate sites with one being related to a MP


Philippines based media company, ABS-CBN Corporation has won a case against several pirate sites. The district court in Florida decided in favor of the applicant and awarded a fine of $1 million on each of the mentioned sites along with other fines.  The list includes 40 domain names, which contains domain names like,,, etc. There is an odd...

Could this domain name replace


The Internet is an Oligopoly. Although it has an Ocean of companies, the biggest fishes rule everything. Facebook, Google and Apple rule the cyber-world. Although Facebook has received some competition, Google has moved somewhat swiftly and unopposed. However, this domain name might change things.  Marc Benioff, CEO of SalesForce has invested $20 million in a company that seeks to challenge...

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