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ByteDance cancels ‘Jinqiu’ name for its VC firm


ByteDance has surprisingly cancelled the name of its proposed VC firm. Earlier, TikTok’s parent company had announced the launch of a new VC firm called ‘Jinqiu Venture Capital’. However, ByteDance has now said that they won’t be going on with ‘Jinqiu’ name.  People are now looking for the reason behind the sudden change in the name of the VC firm. The...

Etalaze shifts from .cn domain name to .biz


Etalaze has announced that it is going to shift its domain name from Chinese ccTLD. The company has transitioned from to However, one thing is peculiar to this domain name change. That is, whenever a company makes a transition to a new domain name, the erstwhile domain name is still kept. The earlier domain name is made to redirect to the new name.  However, this...’s branding in the London Domain Name summit


Domain Name enthusiasts across the world are excited. London Domain Summit has been announced, which will bring domain name investors, brokers, lawyers and hosting providers across the world to network with each other. The event has been organised at perhaps the best domain name they could have got. It is Summit.London. Another interesting thing about the event is its Presenting Sponsor.

New York Court’s decision could pave way for future NFT regulations


The New Court has presented an interim decision regarding a dispute between Hermès and a ‘self-proclaimed’ artist. The decision involves, and could provide light in the direction, NFTs would be looked at legally.  The dispute involves a collection of 100 NFTs released by an individual called Mason Rothschild. The NFTs depicted several combinations of transformed pictures of a...

NexBloc announces two new dTLDs


After gTLDs (generic Top-level domains), nTLDs (new Top-level domains) and ccTLDs (country code Top-level domain), we have another TLD. This new TLD is called dTLD or decentralised Top-level Domain.  More and more companies are adopting domain names based on the Blockchain. Amid this NexBloc has announced the launch of two new dTLDs as .nex and .artist. The first extension does look a little...

Domain hacks plummet the entire cryptocurrency


Domain hacks are getting more frequent than ever. The pandemic enflamed the already burning cases of scams. However, one Cryptocurrency has been the target of attacks, way too many times. And it’s showing in its valuations.  Fantom (FTM) has also been facing the brunt of ongoing crypto falls. The cryptocurreny’s’ value has been continuously depreciating. The coin is...

How do domain names play out in’s acquisition of Deppon

H had acquired Deppon in an acquisition finalised in March this year. through its subsidiary JD Logistics had acquired Deppon Logistics Co., Ltd for a whooping $1.42 billion.  But when it comes to, an excitement towards the domain name acquisition that along with that of the Company’s, cannot be ignored. So here’s a look at the domain name situation. ...

Digital Domain, the company bringing Dumbledore to life


Dumbledore is again alive, thanks to the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The new movie named ‘The Secrets of Dumbledore’ is in the theatres and is mesmerising everyone with its visual spectacle. But do you know the Company behind all these beautiful animations?  The Company behind this is Digital Domain. The Company has been associated with a list of revolutionary and path breaking...

Vietnam adds 3 new extensions


The Ministry of Information and Telecommunications of Vietnam has released a Circular talking about the launch of 3 second level domain names. Circular 21 talks about the launch of 3 new domain extensions,i.e.,, and These domain names have their own different usage and implementation. has been reserved for Individuals, while the other two domain names and .ai... launches a new Domain Appraisal Tool


The premium domain name company at an exquisite domain name itself, has us all excited with their new feature. The domain company has just announced the launch of a new Domain Appraisal tool. has launched the features for enterprise level companies as well as domain investors to gauge the value of a domain name. The cool thing about this feature is that it doesn’t just...

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