Why did this county made a shift from a .com to a .gov name?


Centre County, is a county in the State of Pennsylvania of the US. The county is going to conduct its municipal elections. Amid this electoral process, the county decided to make a transition in its election related domain name. The transition was switching from the previous .com name to .gov name.  .com stands for commercial, while .gov stands for the Government. Although, a .com name has been...

Amid speculations of a name change, could Facebook be switching TO this domain name?


I’m sure your newsfeed would have been bombarded with the news of Facebook trying to adopt a new name. Well, so has been mine! Facebook, the social media giant is planning for a name change, which might be concluded this month. Everyone is speculating about the new name.  There have been many names that have been suggested. Some people have been claiming the name ‘Horizon‘...

Texas county drops ‘us’ from their domain name


Texas has recently been at the center of US politics. The step to prohibit abortion has came in a conflict with the White House. News has been that President Biden might approach the Supreme Court regarding this pro life step.  Amid this another development was seen. Gregg County is a county in the Eastern Texas. A report by Longview News-Journal, has stated that the county is going to change its...

Leading Nigerian stockbroker SHIFTs to a new domain name


A leading Nigerian stock brokerage firm PSL Capital Limited has shifted its name as well as the operational domain name to a new one. The company would henceforth be known as Parthian Securities Limited.  The company has been functioning on the domain name However, the company, along with the name, would shift to the new domain name The...

Cybertruck’s specifications removed from


The pandemic halted our daily lives in a huge way. From our weekend dinners to pre planned vacations, everything was delayed. Global economy and manufacturing capabilities of MNCs weren’t so different either. And it looks like the company belonging to the world’s richest person was neither an exception.  As reported by Car and Driver, the specifications of the eagerly awaited...

Rational behind domain name change of this Chinese public platform


China’s growth among the biggest powerhouses of the world has been very rapid. The overwhelmingly high growth, through a sustained period of time, also brought one unfavorable thing: pollution.  Recently, the Chinese government changed the domain name of a public platform meant to ease pollution levels. The domain name that was changed was This website belongs to a car... embraces a new CEO

R, a popular domain registrar and web hosting company has announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer. The company appointed Connor Malcolm as it’s new CEO stated a report by Before this, Connor has worked as Brand Strategist for JCM Consulting. Connor has also worked as the Senior Director Marketing Operations for Momentous Corp, the parent company of Rebel...

New laws make domain names easy for Koreans


Domain Names makes it easier for users to access their desired location. I mean, a familiar name is certainly easier than a seemingly random set of numerals. However, the system doesn’t have the same easing effect on non-English speakers.  Koreans were facing similar problems. For most Koreans, the main language is Korean. Korean through its history has been mainly an oral language...

Qatar Petroleum rebrands to a new name


COP26  Global Summit Glasgow is just at the doors. The conference on climate change is going to attract worldwide attention as parties around the globe present their contributions related to lowering carbon levels. Amid this, an interesting development was seen.  Qatar Petroleum, one of the state run companies of the oil rich country has rebranded itself. The oil company will now be known as...

DropCatch Experiences Outage – Several Auctions Impacted


Users are reporting that DropCatch experienced a major outage in the last hour. While the website was functional and users were able to login, the auctions itself weren’t accepting bids. We were able to confirm from several bidders who were unable to place bids on the auctions they had been watching. “The auction page went blank. I refreshed several times, but nothing. It was blank...

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