This domain name is giving a voice to the Black Community


The Black Community of Pittsburgh has a representative. The domain name is a firm voice for the Black community and the issues related to them. The platform hosts a broad range of issues that vary from politics to entertainment to health. The domain name is one of the many different steps by 1Hood Media. Since 2006, it has been carrying on the empowerment of black people. One...

Popular adult websites to be banned in France


France is about to take some strict measures against the 5 most popular porn websites. A government authority will request the court to ban popular adult websites Pornhub, XHamster,  XVideos, XNXX and Tukif for failing to introduce sufficient measures to prevent underage children from viewing their content. The problem is that currently the only filter while viewing such type of content, is the...

Internet Association is no more


Internet Association, the lobbying group that represented big tech companies, is no more. In a post published by the Association, it was announced that at the end of this year, the Association will be closed.  The reason behind this step is the lack of funding. Microsoft and Uber left the Association in the previous month. They were the major contributors to the Association. The reason was also...

Legislation to curb Domain Names from selling illegal drugs online introduced in the US


A bill was introduced in the US to stop Domain Names from selling illegal drugs. The bill was introduced by senators Amy Klobuchar and Marco Rubio. The name of the legislation is also very interesting with it being called Domain Reform for Unlawful Drugs Sellers Act a.k.a. DRUGS.  The bill aims at curbing the increasing number of fake, non-genuine and illegal drugs being sold online. These...

Live Nation gets handed a restraining order


In a previous post, we talked about the dispute between Golden Voice and Live Nation over a music concert being held, called Coachella Day One 22. The final verdict of the dispute is yet to be announced, however the country has issued a restraining order.  The court has ordered a restraining order to Live Nation over the festival going to be held at Coachella. Live Nation contested that the...

Nintendo Switch piracy domain names blocked


Popular video games and electronics company Nintendo has won an injunction in a UK Court. The company was fighting against two piracy domains.  These domains were distributing pirated games that could be played on a Nintendo Console. These domains are NSW2U and NSWROM. Multiple domain names were made using these names with various different extensions such as,,

Meta name acquisition priced at $60 million


Meta Platforms Inc., is now the name of the parent company that owns Facebook. The renaming of the global social media enterprise surprised everyone. The renaming process however is yet to conclude as the platform goes through another acquisition.  Meta Financial Group is a US regional bank. The group sold its worldwide rights of the company name rights to one Beige Key LLC. It was later known... and its ‘Stars’


Did you know you can buy Stars at No kidding, this is 100% legit. You can actually buy a Star at But why would you buy a Star?  Facebook is smoothing it’s platform to accomodate creators. Facebook Star is on the same lines. You can give stars to your favorite content creators during their live streams. Content creators thus getting Stars as well as money in...

This company dropped Dutch reference from name as well as its residence


Royal Dutch Shell Plc announced some major changes in its name as well as its operating country. The company has dropped the term ‘Royal Dutch‘ from its name, which it had kept for more than a century, and from now will be simply called Shell Plc. Along with this the company has also moved its headquarters from Hague to London.  The reason behind this move is two fold. Shell is a...

NS1 and Com Laude join hands to enhance Domain Services for clients


NS1 and Com Laude have teamed up to provide efficient Domain Name Management and Services to its customers. NS1’s innovative services is going to provide a major upgrade to existing Com Laude clients.  Com Laude is a domain name portfolio management company. The company provides domain and consultancy services to big business houses. Along with it. the company also performs domain name...

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