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Why did this county made a shift from a .com to a .gov name?


Centre County, is a county in the State of Pennsylvania of the US. The county is going to conduct its municipal elections. Amid this electoral process, the county decided to make a transition in its election related domain name. The transition was switching from the previous .com name to .gov name.  .com stands for commercial, while .gov stands for the Government. Although, a .com name has been...

Microsoft, the most impersonated brand name


As everyone’s dependency on the internet increased due to global lockdowns, the scammers found a haven in this pandemic. As new people embraced the cyberworld, the fraudsters got hold of easy prey, to lure them into their trap. And it appears imitating brands like Microsoft has been their primary arsenal.  A report by Check Point Research, states that Microsoft has been the most...

Amid speculations of a name change, could Facebook be switching TO this domain name?


I’m sure your newsfeed would have been bombarded with the news of Facebook trying to adopt a new name. Well, so has been mine! Facebook, the social media giant is planning for a name change, which might be concluded this month. Everyone is speculating about the new name.  There have been many names that have been suggested. Some people have been claiming the name ‘Horizon‘... is up for sale, again!


As of 13/08/2021 World’s most popular torrent website‘s domain name is up for sale. Again. Yeah, you heard that right! And the domain name is not just another extension, it is a premium .com domain name.  Last year, T`he Pirate Bay let its two domain names, namely: and expire. It wasn’t a major concern for the site as it primarily works through the...

Unstoppable Domains team up with Cake Wallet can make crypto-exchanges as simple as sending an Email


As of 13/08/2021 Unstoppable domains has announced that users of Cake Wallet can now use its  .crypto domains for transaction of cryptocurrency. With this new feature, sending cryptocurrency has become as simple as sending an email!  Usually the transaction of cryptocurrency includes entering a long alphanumeric address such as ‘156i6HJfMWb1h2BEsKpfvZ2tQugqo4vs2w’. However, since the...

John Oliver jokes through this domain name


As of 10/08/2021 John Oliver has a knack of presenting important issues with strong and stinging arguments in the form of jokes. In his popular show Last Week Tonight John Oliver talks about a wide range of issues. And for a few weeks, the center of his shows has been the Opioid crisis.  America has been suffering from the overuse of the drug. So much, that it has been termed as an endemic...

European Wax Center melts Florida Man’s fraudulent domain names


As of 07/08/2021 European Wax Center is a popular name in the United States. The hair removal and body care firm currently has more than 800 locations across the US. However, the Wax company had to go to a legal battle with a Florida man over two domain names. Twice!  As reported by Reuters, two domain names namely: and were registered by a Florida man...

.forever: domain names you can own forever

As of 04/08/2021 Impervious has brought a new domain name extension for us all: .forever. However, this isn’t like any other extension. The company calls it the first ‘truly decentralised domain names‘.  The domain names that you own has a problem. The problem is that, well, you don’t actually own those domains. The domain names are only being leased to you. That’s...

Standard Life Aberdeen rebrands to abrdn


As of 05/07/2021 Standard Life Aberdeen, the largest active asset manager in the UK has decided to rebrand itself. The company in a bold decision decided to rebrand itself as ‘abrdn‘. The company went through a merger in 2017. Two companies namely Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management merged into Standard Life Aberdeen. However, the company’s stock price has been dipping...

Fight over Khadi reaches WIPO


As of 01/07/2021 Khadi is inseparable from Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle that brought India her independence. Khadi was the symbol of a national movement that brought the mighty British on their knees. This symbol of non-violent protest has however ended in a legal tussle that reached WIPO.  The domain name in question was The domain name was owned by a Delhi based company...

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