Premium DNS Service by WebNIC


WebNIC has launched a new Premium DNS Service. This new service has certain novel features and is far better than the currently existing DNS Service in terms of speed, dependability and security. The new system comes with a network of servers spread across the globe. It is extremely reliable as compared to the old service. It comes with worldwide real time DNS propagation that would update every...

Impact of a single alphabet difference in the domain name


How much difference can a single letter in a domain name have? If you consider the recent case of the City of Liberty Hill, the answer is tremendous.  The City of Liberty Hill has been the victim of two cyber scams. Both of these cyber scams included the exchange of money online. The victim received emails from the fraudulent email Ids, disguised as the original one. The fake email Id asked for a...

Union of Missouri switches from a .org to .gov


Union is a city in the Franklin County of the state of Missouri. The city has opted for a change in the email addresses of the officials. Along with the email addresses, the city’s official domain name also might go for the change.  The city operates on a .org domain name. The city’s current domain name is However, the city wants a .gov domain name. The new email...

Sub-domain takeover vulnerability found in Flywheel


Flywheel is a popular WordPress hosting platform. The platform allows users to build their own attractive and efficient websites. However, a report by Resecurity has stated that a Sub-domain takeover vulnerability associated with Flywheel has been found.  First we have to understand what a Sub-domain is. A domain name usually consists of a domain and a TLD, as for example Here abc is the...

Nintendo Switch piracy domain names blocked


Popular video games and electronics company Nintendo has won an injunction in a UK Court. The company was fighting against two piracy domains.  These domains were distributing pirated games that could be played on a Nintendo Console. These domains are NSW2U and NSWROM. Multiple domain names were made using these names with various different extensions such as,,

Why is choosing the right domain name registrar so important?


While starting your new business, you definitely focused a lot about choosing the right domain name. A right domain name can be crucial to the success of your enterprise, but there is another aspect of it that many are missing. Choosing the right domain name registrar.  Sustaining a business is as challenging, if not more, as starting a business. The major threat that most online businesses face...

Microsoft goes hard on several spy Chinese domain names


In a recent post we discussed how scamsters are targetting Microsoft. Looks like Microsoft has had it all. It has cracked down hard on a Chinese hacking group that used several domain names to steal sensitive information.  Microsoft has won a case against a hacking group that it calls Nickel. A judgement by The US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has ruled in favor of...

Unprecedented fall in .uk domain name suspensions


Cybercrimes are getting frequent and more evolved. Despite several security measures put in place, fraudsters find a way to bypass them. However, this news from the United Kingdom gives us hope.  Nominet, the official registrar of  .uk domain names presented some very interesting statistics. The domain name suspensions of .uk names has taken a surprisingly low dip. About 2,487 .uk...

Microsoft Office 365 users beware


Scammers are getting smarter in the ways they trick you. They are continously developing new techniques to fake popular brands and trick people. This time they have pointed on Microsoft Office 365. As reported by WinBuzzer a new phishing scam is around, that targets Microsoft Office customers. The scam begins with a notification that urges users to check their spam folders. The messages include...

Domain Name Service market to clock $600 million


The Domain Name Service market is expected to reach a figure of $600 million by 2026, according to a report by Reports and Data. At a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.7%, the global market would shoot from $250 million in 2018 to $600 million by 2026. The primary reason for the rise in the market would be the ever increasing online threats. One of the major threats is perceived to be DDoS...

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