Bargain or Bust: Navigating the Jungle of Cyber Monday Deals

Hey savvy shoppers! As Cyber Monday fever grips the online world, it’s time to talk about the not-so-jolly side of the holiday season – counterfeit products. Brace yourselves, because a recent study from Michigan State University reveals a whopping 68% of us have fallen prey to buying fake goods in the past year. Scary, right?

The Dark Side of Deals:

Meet the grinches of the internet – the criminals cashing in on our festive spirit. They don’t care whose holiday they ruin; they just want to make a quick buck. Online shopping, as convenient as it is, has become the playground for these grinches. They’re flooding marketplaces and social media with fake goodies faster than you can say “Ho, ho, hold up!”

The Cyber Jungle:

Think you can spot a fake Rolex or a knockoff Apple product from a mile away? Think again. Cybercriminals are getting sneakier, with over 12,000 potential new scam websites popping up this year alone. It’s a jungle out there, and you might unknowingly be swinging from vine to vine, straight into their trap.

The Unboxing Dilemma:

Ever watched those ‘unboxing’ videos where influencers flaunt their latest finds? Brace yourself for a reality check – many of these could be fake or ‘dupes.’ While some knowingly flaunt their imitation treasures, a shocking 52% of us are unwittingly adding counterfeit items to our shopping carts.

Brand Heroes to the Rescue:

In the fight against fake goods, brands are turning to cybersecurity warriors like Brandshield. Their mission? Hunt down copycat websites and sellers peddling counterfeit dreams. It’s like having a digital superhero protecting your online wishlist.

The Inform Consumers Act:

Cue the entrance of a new federal law – the Inform Consumers Act. Think of it as the superhero cape for online shoppers. This law demands that websites spill the beans on who’s behind the curtain – no more secrets from third-party sellers. Knowledge is power, folks!

Avoiding the Counterfeit Catastrophe:

Now, how do you avoid being the unsuspecting victim of a counterfeit Christmas catastrophe? Here are the rules of engagement:

  • Check the Marketplace Credentials: Is the online shop an authorized retailer of that shiny brand you’re eyeing? Be Sherlock and investigate.
  • Know Your Seller: Who’s on the other end of the transaction? Check the seller’s info like you’re studying for the final exam. Legit or not? You decide.
  • Domain Detective: When surfing through social media, be a domain detective. Scam links are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Verify, verify, verify.


As we dive headfirst into the sea of Cyber Monday deals, let’s not forget the grinches lurking in the shadows. Arm yourself with knowledge, be vigilant, and remember – not all that glitters is gold. The Inform Consumers Act is our online superhero, and together, we can make this Cyber Monday a safer, more authentic shopping experience.

Happy (and Genuine) Shopping, Everyone!



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