Forbes Impersonators Target BAYC Holders In Sneaky Scam

In the world of digital treasures known as NFTs, a new danger has emerged, especially for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) holders. Imagine this: fake Forbes folks trying to distract during interviews not to get famous but to snatch your prized apes.

The Sneaky Move: A Banana Request and a Digital Heist Plan

NFT enthusiast ‘Crumz’ recently shared a troubling story about scammers pretending to be Forbes journalists. Here’s the plot – a fake Forbes editor named Robert LaFanco pretending to chat with users in interviews, all the while scheming to take control of their computers for a digital heist.

The trick played out with a weird twist – a banana request. Picture this: in the middle of the interview, the imposter, acting as a Forbes editor, asked ‘Crumz’ to grab a banana for a photo. A banana? Yes, you read that right. But ‘Crumz’ wasn’t falling for a fruity distraction. Realizing something fishy was going on, quick thinking kicked in, and the scammer’s attempt to grab control and steal digital assets was stopped in its tracks.

Community Alert: Identifying Wolves in Forbes’ Clothing

After the incident, the crypto community came together to spread the word. Rollbit partner ‘@3orovik’ sounded the alarm, sharing the sneaky tactics used by these cyber wolves posing as Forbes reporters. It’s a clear reminder that just because something looks and sounds like Forbes doesn’t mean it is Forbes.

Laura Rod and others shared similar stories, creating a chorus of caution in the NFT space. The BAYC community, proving their digital savvy, is shouting out the need for everyone to keep an eye out. Scammers aren’t hiding; they’re out there, often using BAYC profile pictures on Twitter, blurring the lines between real and fake.

Key Lesson: Stay Sharp in the Digital Jungle

As the NFT excitement keeps growing, it’s obvious that there are bad actors evolving with it. The big lesson here is to stay alert. When you’re in the digital world, especially dealing with NFTs and crypto, a good dose of skepticism is your best friend.

Double-check, don’t just believe. If Forbes wants an interview, make sure it’s the real deal. The banana trick might sound funny later, but in the moment, it could have led to a digital disaster.

This isn’t just for BAYC holders; it’s a shout-out to everyone navigating the NFT waters. Share your stories, listen to warnings, and let’s build a strong defense against these digital troublemakers together.

In the words of the BAYC community, stay sharp, stay cautious, and let’s keep our digital treasures safe in the wide, sometimes tricky world of NFTs.



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