.th domain names are becoming available

There is some really good news for the Thai internet ecosystem. From this year, the county is beginning to open its second level .th domain names. Until now only third level .th domain names were available.

The opening up of .th domain name space would be in a phased manner. There will be 3 rounds. In Round 1, exact match business owners and Trademark holders will get their respective .th domain names. This period began from 1 February and will continue till 31 March this year. Round 2 will begin from 1 June and will continue till 31 July. In this round domain names that have substantial links to your business will be allotted. Round 3 will operate from 1 October to 30 November. This will be open to all.

.th was a pretty restricted space before this announcement. Only third level registrations were allowed over a range of different second-level .th domains such as .ac.th, .co.th, .go.th, .net.th, .in.th, etc. Second level domain registration were permitted for the Thai Internationalised Domain Name (IDN), .ไทย. However, these domain names were actually assigned directly to .in.th domain names.

The new step will bring more excitement to the people regarding the ccTLD, who until now had depended mainly on .com domain names instead. This will give a unique premium identity to Thai businesses. And not only this, all the proceedings from the domain name registrations would go to The Thailand Network Information Centre Foundation (THNIC)’s Academy training projects and support the internet infrastructure for the general public in Thailand.
.th domain name is an interesting and exciting new investment opportunity. There is so much you can create from this extension. So don’t wait. Create instead!


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