Thailand Pass name gets attacked again, this time by emails


In an earlier post, we talked about how a domain name was troubling the Thailand Pass system of the Thai Government. The same system has been targeted again online, this time in a different way. Instead of attacking through counterfeit domain names they have now resorted to sending emails. A report by Pattaya Mail, warns about a list of emails trying to lure victims into clicking malicious links...

.th domain names are becoming available

There is some really good news for the Thai internet ecosystem. From this year, the county is beginning to open its second level .th domain names. Until now only third level .th domain names were available. The opening up of .th domain name space would be in a phased manner. There will be 3 rounds. In Round 1, exact match business owners and Trademark holders will get their respective .th domain...

Thailand Tourism plans hindered by this domain name


The pandemic disrupted a number of industries. But its impact was the most severe on one particular industry: tourism.  However, as the effects of the Pandemic seem to be shrinking a little, countries are opening their doors for tourists. And among these countries is one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations: Thailand. However it faced a peculiar problem.  Thailand...

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