Thailand Tourism plans hindered by this domain name

The pandemic disrupted a number of industries. But its impact was the most severe on one particular industry: tourism

However, as the effects of the Pandemic seem to be shrinking a little, countries are opening their doors for tourists. And among these countries is one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations: Thailand. However it faced a peculiar problem

Thailand started a new program, called Thailand Pass. The Pass is a system by which domestic as well as foreign tourists can fill in their travel and health details, upon the approval of which only they will be allowed to travel. 

However, a domain name is already operating. The Thailand government has announced that the domain name is not affiliated to them and people should stay away from it. The domain name currently has a number of hotels, which the visitors can book. 

Thailand Pass system was supposed to replace the erstwhile Certificate of Entry system. However, not registering related domain names is giving a hard time to Thai Tourism.


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