Thailand Pass name gets attacked again, this time by emails

In an earlier post, we talked about how a domain name was troubling the Thailand Pass system of the Thai Government. The same system has been targeted again online, this time in a different way. Instead of attacking through counterfeit domain names they have now resorted to sending emails.

A report by Pattaya Mail, warns about a list of emails trying to lure victims into clicking malicious links. The victims try to make you believe that they are officials related to Thai Pass. In order to strengthen their disguise, they register domain names with similar terms. This can confuse a lot of people and especially foreigners who don’t have much idea about the country’s domain space. The only correct email used by the Thai Pass officials is [email protected].

Here’s the list of all the fraudulent email ids published  by Pattaya Mail:

Do notice the pattern of the domain names in these Email Ids. How they have faked the domain names to intensify their camouflage.


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