ENS reports its 3rd best month in August

ENS has kept its unprecedented growth continued in the month of August as well. The blockchain domain company has reported its third highest monthly figures after July and May in August.

In August 2022, ETH registered a net 301,000 new .eth domain name registrations. With this the total number of .eth domain names crossed the figure of 2.17 million. August was also the month when the net number of .eth domain names crossed the 2 million mark.

In this month ETH aggregated 2,744 ETH. Although in terms of ETH, this value is lower as compared to May and July figures. However, in terms of USD, this value of net revenue in August is much more than what it was in May or July. The reason behind this is the jump in value of ETH recently. In USD, ETH earned a revenue of $ 4.3 million in  August.

However, what was more exciting with ENS in this month is the complete dominance shown by it in the blockchain domain sales. In the popular digital assets marketplace OpenSea, .eth domain names contributed to more than 99% of their sales. Yup 99%!

These figures are important as these have come just before the Merge. The Merge is scheduled for 15th of September, 2022. The sudden rush and excitement towards .eth domain name is associated with this event.

It’d be interesting how these domain names would fare, once the Merge is concluded. Would the growth continue or would it start taking a plunge? Let’s see.


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