ENS reports its 3rd best month in August


ENS has kept its unprecedented growth continued in the month of August as well. The blockchain domain company has reported its third highest monthly figures after July and May in August. In August 2022, ETH registered a net 301,000 new .eth domain name registrations. With this the total number of .eth domain names crossed the figure of 2.17 million. August was also the month when the net number...

Trump’s controversial NFT priced around $ 1 Mil


Donald Trump and controversy have an unusual liking for each other. The controversy was with him when wasn’t the President, was of course associated with him during his Presidency and is in no mood of leaving him while he’s off the top executive post.  Creatd is an IT company that works around artworks. OG Gallery, a subsidiary of Creatd has created a storm after it dropped a NFT...

OpenSea.com up for sale?


Sedo is conducting its GreatDomains Auction. There are a multitude of great domain names available to bid upon, but one domain name is just unbelievable to see. Yes, the domain name OpenSea.com, is up for auction!  OpenSea is an NFT buying and selling platform. And it is not just a NFT platform, it is the NFT platform. With a 35% market share, it is the biggest player in the industry right...

This NFT store is heiling Hitler a lot, even in domain names


Hitler sure has a way of popping back. Decades since the Reich fell, but the personality keeps haunting now and then, mostly in negative ways. The emerging trend of NFT couldn’t dissociate itself too.  A report by Vice, claims that a NFT store has numerous content related to Hitler. From cartoon images to Time portraits, Cute kitties to Hitler pepes, the platform is filled with Hitler...

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