Trump’s controversial NFT priced around $ 1 Mil

Donald Trump and controversy have an unusual liking for each other. The controversy was with him when wasn’t the President, was of course associated with him during his Presidency and is in no mood of leaving him while he’s off the top executive post. 

Creatd is an IT company that works around artworks. OG Gallery, a subsidiary of Creatd has created a storm after it dropped a NFT related to ex-president Donald Trump. (OG Gallery has a pretty cool domain name as

The NFT consists of three pictures of Donald Trump. The pics show Trump and a female model surrounded by a number of people. The pics are controversial because Trump is giving an autograph on the breasts of the female model. This is quite explicit, to say the least! The NFT becomes even more crucial considering Trump’s deeply misogynistic remarks earlier. 

The NFT is available through the OpenSea platform. The asking price has been kept at 240 Ethereum. For your info, an Ethereum (at the time of publishing) is valued at $4,157.30. This makes the net price of the NFT at almost a million dollars

Not only this, after the NFT was put up for sale, the shares of Creatd Inc. jumped by 69%!


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