Trump’s controversial NFT priced around $ 1 Mil


Donald Trump and controversy have an unusual liking for each other. The controversy was with him when wasn’t the President, was of course associated with him during his Presidency and is in no mood of leaving him while he’s off the top executive post.  Creatd is an IT company that works around artworks. OG Gallery, a subsidiary of Creatd has created a storm after it dropped a NFT...

Trump’s domain name hacked, defaced with Quranic verse


Former POTUS and businessman Donald Trump hasn’t had much to cheer about in recent times. From losing the presidency to the impeachment process to the Capitol riots, things aren’t going well for him. Amid this, Trump faced another blow.  Some hackers hacked the domain name action.DonaldJTrump.com. Not only did they hack the system, they also left a note which is from the Quran...

Biden Administration launches new website to bring separated families ‘together’


As of 17/09/2021 One of the many important issues on which the US Presidential Election 2020 had been fought was immigration. Trump during his presidential stint was pretty strict on immigration. I mean who can forget the Trump’s iconic wall?  However Trump’s strict immigration policy led to the separation of children from their families. While the children were kept under the US...

This domain name adds to Trump’s problems


As of 28/11/2020 It’s not going well for the US President Donald Trump these days. After his defeat in the 2020 Presidential elections, he is getting lots of criticism for not conceding. Although he has allowed the process of transition of President elect Joe Biden, he is yet to accept defeat. Amid these troubling times for the former Businessman turned Politician, a comedic duo called the Good...

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