This domain name adds to Trump’s problems

As of 28/11/2020

It’s not going well for the US President Donald Trump these days. After his defeat in the 2020 Presidential elections, he is getting lots of criticism for not conceding. Although he has allowed the process of transition of President elect Joe Biden, he is yet to accept defeat.

Amid these troubling times for the former Businessman turned Politician, a comedic duo called the Good Liars have decided to add salt to his wounds. The duo has acquired the domain name The guys are using the domain for one and one purpose only: humiliating Trump. The website closely resembles Trump’s actual website and is literally filled with the word ‘lose’ or its derivatives.

Although Trump has lost 2020 elections, he can still fight in the 2024 elections. The US Constitution stops someone for running three consecutive elections only when they have won the first two. If Trump actually decides to contest in 2024, there are high chances of him becoming the Republican candidate. In this situation the joke will have an even more detrimental effect on the future hopes of the current POTUS. In a tweet the Good Liars even offered Trump the domain, but with the condition of him accepting defeat.


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