Biden Administration launches new website to bring separated families ‘together’

As of 17/09/2021

One of the many important issues on which the US Presidential Election 2020 had been fought was immigration. Trump during his presidential stint was pretty strict on immigration. I mean who can forget the Trump’s iconic wall

However Trump’s strict immigration policy led to the separation of children from their families. While the children were kept under the US Department of Health and Human Services, the parents were either kept in prisons or were deported

Biden promised to end this. It began with him easing immigration policies as soon as he became president. And now his government has launched an online portal to help children meet with their families. The domain name chosen has been pretty apt. It is called:

The domain name has a .gov extension, thus establishing its ownership with the government. The second level domain is also on point. The name ‘together‘ cannot be more suitable with the platform that aims to bring families together. The short name and precise extension clearly vibrate the scope of usage and echoes its understandability.


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