This NFT store is heiling Hitler a lot, even in domain names

Hitler sure has a way of popping back. Decades since the Reich fell, but the personality keeps haunting now and then, mostly in negative ways. The emerging trend of NFT couldn’t dissociate itself too. 

A report by Vice, claims that a NFT store has numerous content related to Hitler. From cartoon images to Time portraits, Cute kitties to Hitler pepes, the platform is filled with Hitler related collectibles. That NFT platform is OpenSea

OpenSea does not stop here. In fact there are several domains related to Hitler. Some of them are Hitler.eth and HitlerDidNothingWrong.eth. Interestingly there is also a domain name that has swastikas in it. The domain name is 卐adolf∆hitler卐.eth. There is another NFT that is simply called “heil hitler“.

Isn’t this way too much Hitler content? 

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