This ccTLD is scared of Adolf Hitler

How much damage can a person dead for more than 70 years ago do today? Well, the answer is ‘monumental’ if that person is Adolf Hitler. 

South Sudan, the world’s youngest country which got its independence less than 10 years ago is probably going to suffer because of the Führer. The country has just launched its ccTLD registrations a couple of days ago… and there is a problem. The ccTLD is spelled as .ss and rightly so considering that it is the perfect acronym for the country’s name. The name however is an acronym for something else as well. It also stands for Schutzstaffel, Hitler’s infamous paramilitary that created havoc upon the world decades ago. 

Considering the numerous cases of racial violence with the White Supremacists often using Hitler related symbolism, this country’s domain lies on a huge risk of being targeted by such extremists. .ss domains can hence might become the meeting point of the Nazi supporters. Thus the ccTLD finds itself in grave difficulty with no fault of their own.


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