E-Commerce Scam and Fraud Reports

With the increase in scams on e-commerce websites and Instagram pages, the team at Domain Magazine has taken an initiative to investigate and call off such scams and frauds. If you have been a victim of such fraud, please post in the comments below and we will add them to the listing.

1. Soune.in // Certified Fraud

Our first report is about a website, Soune.in. This site is cheating Indian shoppers into buying furniture and other stuff at prices substantially lesser than Amazon… except that they never really ship the product. Once you pay them, you don’t hear back and your money is gone.

Soune was established in the April of 2022 and, in just over a month, they have scammed hundreds of people. They do not have any real address on their website. Why do they not get caught – well, it’s simple, they keep shuffling between domains. Every time one of their portals gets burnt or suspended for legal reasons, they launch a new copy on a new domain. And the scam continues.

2. Homevo.in // Certified Fraud

This seems to be the earlier version of Soune. The homevo.in fraud website is now down, but the scam product listing pages are still cached online and appear ion Google search.

3. WoodenBazar.com // Certified Fraud

This was reported just yesterday by a customer who placed an order over two weeks ago. After countless follow-up calls to the frauds at WoodenBazar.com, the customer realised that he has been scammed and they are never gonna ship the $200 chair he had bought from their website.

Here’s an excerpt from the Facebook page of these fraudsters WoodenBazar:

Hello Sir/Madam- I have one order#1744 for “Marisol High Back Ergonomic Executive Chair” placed on May 16th, 2022. It’s been 15 days and it has not been delivered after multiple follow-ups. Every time I call your helpdesk, they are playing with me and say it will take another 2-4 days. It is customer harassment now. I have requested to cancel my order and return my money in case you cannot deliver it. I would really appreciate if you could acknowledge this and return my money urgently. I will have to go with the legal fraud procedure if I don’t get the update today.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/sanjit.k.lenka/posts/10158839371967361

Our investigation found a lot of glaring holes. The postal address on the website is incomplete and they don’t seem to have a real office. There seems to be no info online on the founding team. The website seems to be an anonymous operation running out of some underground office.

There is no Linkedin page for this company who supposedly calls itself one of country’s largest websites for furniture purchases. What kind of a large E-commerce company doesn’t have a LinkedIn page? Furthermore, they list a grievance incharge on their website by the name of Adeeb Zubairy. This is quite funny because there doesn’t seem to be any legitimate individual by that name. What makes it interesting is that the first review on their Facebook page is by someone called Shahzaib Zubairi.

It seems to us that this scam has been doing on for a while as the domain was registered in Dec 2020.

-> Keep watching this space as we uncover more scams every week.

Thanks & Credits:

  1. James Trimble for creating the free URLClean website which we used to clean the links in the above post.
  2. DomainTools – Their whois search tells us when a website domain name was first created.

[Last Updated May 31, 2022]


  1. Mark Beck Avatar
    Mark Beck

    make sure that the payment method is secure. Theoretically, payments by credit card, transfer or PayPal would be considered safe, but experience shows that this is not always the case. Who can assure you that the seller will send you the product after the money has been paid?

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