Eminem has bought half-a-million dollar NFT


Begin 2022 and even Eminem has bought a NFT. Yes, Eminem has joined the frenzy. The iconic rapper has bought Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #9055.

Eminem has bought the NFT for a price of 123.45 Ethereum. This was equivalent to $453,000 at the time of purchase. OpenSea sold the NFT, and has also created a new name for the buyer. The NFT is mentioned to be owned by Shady_Holdings. A nod to the rapper’s famous ‘The Real Slim Shady’ song.

People at BAYC were rooting for Eminem to buy this NFT. One of the people also posted on Twitter, how the NFT was ‘destined’ for Eminem. Eminem, now sports the NFT, as his twitter dp.

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  • It’s hard to be jazzed about such a scary guy spending beaucoup dollars on a random picture, but we also have questions about his motivations. Why is Eminem snapping up NFTs? Why are at least two of them his own lookalike? And does he plan to mint Mom’s Spaghetti NFTs of his own?

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