Here’s how you can register .au domain name before the public launch


On the 4th of October, .au domain space would be unlocked for the general public. Australians had been for long using the and could now register domain names with a .au extension. 

Until a few days ago these domain names were restricted for the owners of domain names only. Owners of were given priority over others. However, the general public can register their domain names from the 4th of October.

Before the public reveal, has launched a ‘Special Drop’ Auction of .au domain names. The auction began on 27 September and would conclude on 3rd October 2022 at 1PM. 

You can place your bids over the .au domain names of your choice. Bulk Bidding is allowed. The bidding starts at $10 and has a maxima at $50,000.

However, there is a catch. The auction is not available for all and only entities with an active  Australian ABN/ACN, would be allowed. This limits the registration of domain names to Australian business entities.

The auction is still a great opportunity for investment. Many of the generic names might be still available which can be  potential financial investments.

So, this is the last time to register your .au domain name before it is opened to the public. Check’s platform here.

By The Wizard

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