This city’s TLD just came LIVE


Top level domains have existed for a long time. So have ccTLDs. Now even city’s are getting their own TLDs. The latest addition to the list is the city of Zurich

Although the domain name was requested way back in 2012, the extension wasn’t available to all. The extension until now was only used by the local government. However, the great potential of the city and the economic prosperity of the city paved the way of opening it to the public of the city

Interestingly the extension is named as .zeurich. Even the name itself was the reason for the delay. The more common use of the name goes by Zürich or simply Zurich. But, now setting aside all speculations, the extension is live and available

The extension adds itself along with other city extensions like are .berlin and .nyc. Recently, we reported how the capital city of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi got its .abudhabi extension. Zurich being a Swiss city has a partner in its own country, with the capital city’s .amsterdam.

Read more about the news here.

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