Amid speculations of a name change, could Facebook be switching TO this domain name?


I’m sure your newsfeed would have been bombarded with the news of Facebook trying to adopt a new name. Well, so has been mine! Facebook, the social media giant is planning for a name change, which might be concluded this month. Everyone is speculating about the new name.  There have been many names that have been suggested. Some people have been claiming the name ‘Horizon‘...

TikTok: First non-Facebook company in the 3 Billion club


As of 17/07/2021 TikTok, despite many hurdles, continues its golden run. The short video company now, including iOS and Android, has over 3 Billion downloads worldwide.  Only 5 non-gaming apps have crossed the 3 Billion downloads. The other entrants of the list includes: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. TikTok is the only non Facebook company to do so. TikTok’s achievement...

Facebook prepares for a legal battle in Bangladesh over this domain


As of 19/11/2020 Facebook has been getting a lot of flak recently. The way the company gathers and utilises user’s data has raised concerns worldwide. It’s handling of hate speech and fake news, came under tremendous fire, which in some cases is even said to swing elections. Adding to the worries of the social media giant has emerged another case, this time from Bangladesh. A domain name facebook...

Boogaloo, it’s politics and Facebook


As of 13/07/2020 Boogaloo. A term that you might not have heard (unless you are a movie buff) until very recently. The term is currently making rounds around social media, because of the politics and controversy associated with it. So let’s see what the term means and how social media especially Facebook is dealing with it.  The term Boogaloo is associated with a far-right movement in...

Facebook Files Lawsuit Against Phoney Domains


Facebook has filed a lawsuit against 12 imposter domain names which have been registered by a private Indian proxy service Compsys Domain Solutions. The domains were allegedly designed to deceive users by impersonating Facebook owned apps – its namesake along with WhatsApp and Instagram. The firm registered misleading domains like facebook-verify-inc.com, instagramhjack.com and videocall-whatsapp...

Telegram is growing, and its growing fast


Telegram founder Pavel Durov wrote: “Telegram keeps growing at a rate of ~50% annually in DAU.” A growth rate of 50% is huge, but Telegram is doing it with its persistence. So what has made Telegram grow at such pace even in the presence of the bigshot Messenger app Whatsapp? Ever since Mark Zuckerberg acquired Whatsapp, things began to innovate at a slower pace. You know, those companies that...

Fortune 500 Business Predictions from Domain Names


Facebook After the amazing success in personal chat apps, Facebook is planning to enter into the market of professional and team chat app for medium and large corporate offices. They have recently registered domain like WorkPlaceChat.com, WorkPlaceChat.net and WorkPlaceChat.org in July-2017. Microsoft With some big plan ahead in travel and tourism category Microsoft has recently registered outing...

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