Facebook prepares for a legal battle in Bangladesh over this domain


As of 19/11/2020

Facebook has been getting a lot of flak recently. The way the company gathers and utilises user’s data has raised concerns worldwide. It’s handling of hate speech and fake news, came under tremendous fire, which in some cases is even said to swing elections.

Adding to the worries of the social media giant has emerged another case, this time from Bangladesh. A domain name facebook.com.bd was available for sale at the price of USD 60 million. Facebook sent multiple notices to the owner, but they didn’t respond. The Zuckerberg company is now planning to take the issue to the court.

The domain was created by A1 Software Limited, in 2008. As reported by The Daily Star, people at Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL) said that back in those days Facebook wasn’t popular in Bangladesh, which might have led to this mishap. Also they were looking into the issue as during that time most of the work was paper based. Facebook on the other hand is very serious regarding this issue and is demanding USD 50,000 in compensation.

As a company grows bigger, so do it’s triumphs and problems. Facebook is a testimony to this. Recently even Vietnam threatened to ban Facebook over censorship issues.  Also, because of the Government’s harsh criticism online, Solomon Islands is also planning to ban Facebook. And now this issue in Bangladesh. Looks like Facebook cannot catch a break!

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