Amid speculations of a name change, could Facebook be switching TO this domain name?

I’m sure your newsfeed would have been bombarded with the news of Facebook trying to adopt a new name. Well, so has been mine! Facebook, the social media giant is planning for a name change, which might be concluded this month. Everyone is speculating about the new name. 

There have been many names that have been suggested. Some people have been claiming the name ‘Horizon‘. However, the favorite of all suggested names is Meta. Reason? Obviously, the domain name! 

Mark‘s wife Chan Zuckerberg’s Initiative already owns the domain name A check at the domain name would also redirect you to A twitter user has also stated that the domain names like had been updated in the past month. Clearly, there is something going on with Facebook and the term Meta. 

Mark himself has talked about establishing a metaverse of companies bringing all the functionalities of the current ones as well as adding more. The domain name or would also suit the stature of the company for two reasons. One it fits to the rebranding and restructuring purpose of the company. Secondly, the domain name with fewer terms becomes a premium and prestigious one

Although, the transition is still not finalized, the news of Facebook changing their name has everyone in surprise. What do you think could be the new name? Answer us in the comments.


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