Companies refraining from Social Media LogIns

LogIns to a new platform can be a hassling task. Entering a new User Id and then remembering the Password is a step that many avoid. In such cases, LogIns through Social Media handles come handy. No need for a new set of credentials. However, this convenience is going to lapse soon.

Many firms are opting out of these kinds of LogIns. The list includes the likes of Dell, Amazon and Nike. You can no longer use Social Media logins on these platforms.

The reason for this change is the security concerns. Using third party entities is becoming more and more problematic pertaining to the Data Privacy concerns. And amid this, the company that would be the most impacted is Facebook.

It is an open secret that Facebook is nose diving currently. From their branding to their revenue figures, everything is in shambles. The company just reported their first decline in a quarter, ever. It wouldn’t be a surprise if such an event reoccurs. In the branding realms also not everything is going well. They announced a rebrand to Meta, however this doesn’t seem to have much positive impact on the company’s growth.

Amid the changes in LogIn procedures, Facebook is the main culprit behind these hyped up security concerns. It has been accused of knowingly allowing targeted advertisements. Thus, evading a user’s privacy continuously.

iOS new features preventing Targeted Advertisement coupled with a severe competition from competitors like TikTok pave a very difficult path ahead for Facebook. On top of these, the symbolic change of doing away from Social Media Logins could be another curve on Social media giant’s forehead.


  1. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    It’s worth noting that while social media logins can be convenient for users, they can also pose risks to companies in terms of data privacy and security. By allowing users to log in with their social media accounts, companies may have less control over the data that is shared and may be more vulnerable to security breaches. Additionally, relying on third-party entities like Facebook for login options can leave companies at the mercy of those entities’ policies and practices. For these reasons, it makes sense that some companies are choosing to opt out of social media login options and instead require users to create unique credentials for their platforms. This can help to protect both the company and the user’s data.

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