Looking back at the Speakers @ NamesCon Global 2022

After an amazing four days of fun, people, conversation, food and domain names NamesCon Global 2022 has concluded. The first in person NamesCon event in over two and a half years, attracted some distinguished domain veterans that provided deep insights to the industry’s ups and downs.

David Warmuz

David Warmuz, CEO of Above.com was present at the first day of NamesCon. Above.com is also the title partner of NamesCon Global 2022. David Warmuz had a deep conversation with DomainJournal’s Ron Jackson about how Pay Per Clicks can be a major source of revenue for domain name investors. David also discussed other methods by which domain investors can generate additional revenue.

David Warmuz (Right) in conversation with Ron Jackson

Rick Schwartz

One of the giants of the domain name industry, with a portfolio valuation of over $750 million, Rick Schwartz also gave a masterclass on the first day of NamesCon Global 2022. Rick discussed various tips on shaping a domain deal that can fetch the domainers best results. You got to hear it from the man who calls himself, ‘The Domain King’.

Rick Schwartz (on the screen) in a conversation with Kate Buckley (Left)

Sandeep Ramchandani

Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO of Radix was present on the Third day of NamesCon Global 2022. Sandeep discussed the 10 year long journey of Radix and also the way forward. The new TLD company also threw an awesome party! More about Radix here.

Radix turns 10 party

Chris Zuiker Broker, Matthew Zuiker & Jonathan Tenenbaum 

People from Media Options had an insightful conversation about domain names on various different topics. They talked about pillars of Domain Name valuation, types of domain buyers and different ways in which a domain name can be used in brand building.

Matthew Zuiker (Left), Jonathan Tenenbaum (center) and Chris Zuiker (Right)

NamesCon Global 2022 has concluded. It was a brilliant experience where people from different corners of the world assembled and discussed the fast changes that the sector is going through specially after the end of pandemic era and the advent of blockchain.


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