Xiaomi Set to Bid Farewell to MIUI with Upcoming MiOS

In a recent revelation, Xiaomi, the popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is on the brink of making significant changes to its well-known Android-based user interface, MIUI. It appears that MIUI 14 will be the final major version in the MIUI series, marking the end of an era for the software. According to reliable sources, Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi is planning a noteworthy shift in its software ecosystem.

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The Graduation Project:

MIUI 14 is hailed as an “excellent graduation project” for MIUI, with a top-tier user experience, except for some minor hiccups in animation effects lag. Xiaomi is committed to addressing this shortcoming in its future endeavors.

The Missing MIUI 15:

The most significant news is the absence of MIUI 15 as a successor. Instead, Xiaomi is gearing up to introduce an entirely new UI system, rumored to be named MiOS. While not officially confirmed, there’s a strong possibility that Xiaomi’s MiOS could debut with the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Series.

Domain Registration:

Adding to the intrigue, Xiaomi registered the domain name “mios.cn” with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology back in November 2022. Although the website currently displays a 403 error, indicating that it’s still under development, this move strongly hints at Xiaomi’s dedication to crafting a fresh and improved UI experience.

Self-Developed Operating System:

Digital Chat Station also shared insights into Xiaomi’s progress with a self-developed operating system that will connect “new terminals.” While the exact nature of these “new terminals” remains unspecified, it’s clear that Xiaomi has made significant advancements in this self-developed system.

Expansion Beyond Smartphones:

Furthermore, Xiaomi’s self-developed system is expected to be initially deployed in AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) and “big terminals” before potentially expanding to smartphones.

The Uncertain Future:

While the exact nature of MiOS remains uncertain—whether it’s a revamped MIUI based on Android or an entirely new operating system—one thing is evident: Xiaomi is poised for a significant shift in its software ecosystem. Xiaomi enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting official announcements, eagerly anticipating what this exciting change will bring.


In conclusion, Xiaomi’s decision to bid farewell to MIUI and embrace MiOS signals a major transformation in its software strategy. The move underscores Xiaomi’s commitment to providing its users with a fresh and enhanced UI experience. As we approach the launch date, the tech world will be closely watching to see how Xiaomi executes this transition and what new features and improvements MiOS will bring to the table. Stay tuned for further updates on Xiaomi’s MiOS and the future of their user interface.

Source: https://sparrowsnews.com/2023/10/09/xiaomi-prepares-for-mios-revolution/


  1. William Bentick Avatar
    William Bentick

    It’s a bold move to step away from the established MIUI series. Can’t wait to see how this self-developed system will redefine the Xiaomi experience, especially in AIoT and beyond

  2. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Xiaomi’s decision to bid farewell to MIUI in favor of MIOS is a significant development. It raises questions about the direction Xiaomi is headed in terms of user interface, user experience, and feature enhancements. It’s an exciting move, and I’m eager to see how MIOS will set itself apart and bring fresh innovations to the table. Change often brings progress, and Xiaomi seems poised to make a noteworthy transition.

  3. Zoe Martin Avatar
    Zoe Martin

    Xiaomi’s move from MIUI to MiOS represents a major strategic shift, focusing on enhancing the UI experience. This showcases Xiaomi’s commitment to improving user interaction. The tech community is excited to see how Xiaomi executes this transition and the new features MiOS will bring.

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