Xiaomi might drop the MiOS name because of this domain name

In a previous article, we explored how Xiaomi had decided to shed the MIUI name and is going to adopt a new brand name. The speculations were clear that the name of the new Operating System would  be MiOS and so it was. However, a domain name might have made the circumstances shift a little bit.

A Domain Name Tangle

Xiaomi had initially chosen ‘MiOS’ as the name for their operating system, a move marked by the registration of MiOS.cn. However, they hit a roadblock when they found that the domain MiOS.com was already owned by Ezlo, a smart home solutions company.

Without the .com name for their new OS being unavailable, Xiaomi decided to drop the Brand Name altogether. Yes, the perfect name MiOS has been dropped because Xiamoi could not secure its .com domain.

This situation serves as a reminder of the importance of domain names in the tech world. They function as the online addresses for companies, directly impacting how users perceive their products. So, Xiaomi needed an alternative plan.

Trademark Registrations: ‘Xiaomi Hyper,’ ‘Xiaomi Pengpai,’ ‘Redmi Hyper’

To resolve the naming challenge, Xiaomi embarked on a quest to find a new name for their operating system. In this pursuit, they applied for trademarks for several potential names, including ‘Xiaomi Hyper,’ ‘Xiaomi Pengpai,’ and ‘Redmi Hyper.’ These trademark applications currently sit in a ‘pending substantive examination’ status. This means that Xiaomi is actively working to secure these names legally and create a distinct identity for their operating system.

However, it is easy to see that any new name would be in no comparison to the MiOS. This name would have been perfect, sleek and exactly what you expect from a global brand like Xiaomi. The name “MiOS”, impeccably explains its purpose, the Operating System of Xiaomi. 

Any new name would require significant expenses in branding. To make the users aware of the change, might be an uphill task. The transition might not be as smooth as Xiaomi would have hoped for. All of these problems wouldn’t have existed had it been the MiOS name.

What’s Next?

As Xiaomi forges ahead with their software development efforts, the final choice for their new operating system’s name remains a pivotal decision. This decision is not just about finding an appealing label; it’s about creating a brand identity that resonates with users and stands the test of time.

The domain name conundrum has underscored the complexities of branding in the tech landscape. It’s not merely about securing an online address; it’s about shaping how users perceive their products and company. Xiaomi, like other tech giants, must continue to navigate these intricacies as they seek to expand and innovate.

The resolution of the domain name issue and the selection of a new name for their operating system will be closely watched by tech enthusiasts and industry observers alike. It will be a significant step in Xiaomi’s journey and may influence the trajectory of their software development efforts and their position in the ever-competitive tech market.

In the end, what’s next for Xiaomi is not just about a name; it’s about the evolution of a brand, the establishment of a new identity, and the ongoing pursuit of excellence in the technology world.



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