WordPress.com Allows Domain Registrations for 100 Long Years Now

Exciting news has taken the online world by storm: WordPress.com, the trailblazing platform known for its user-friendly content management system and hosting prowess, has unveiled an incredible update that’s making waves among domain name enthusiasts. Brace yourselves for this groundbreaking revelation – WordPress.com now allows you to register domain names for an astonishing duration of 100 long years! That’s right, you read it correctly – an entire century of ownership for your chosen digital address.

What’s the plan?

1. Century-Long Domain Registration:

The centerpiece of the plan is the ability to secure a domain name for an extraordinary duration of 100 years. Unlike conventional domain registrations that typically last a few years, this offering provides unparalleled longevity. Your chosen domain becomes an enduring part of your digital identity, lasting through generations and technological shifts.

2. Security and Backups:

WordPress.com recognizes the value of your digital content. To ensure its safety, the platform maintains multiple backups across data centers situated in different geographic locations. This redundancy guarantees that your content remains secure and accessible, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

3. Enhanced Ownership Protocols:

Life is marked by transitions, and your digital presence should seamlessly adapt. The plan provides enhanced protocols for ownership changes. Whether you’re gifting your site to a family member, passing it on to a new owner, or navigating significant life changes, WordPress.com’s protocols make these transitions smoother.

4. Top-Tier Managed WordPress Hosting:

Beyond domain registration, the plan offers top-tier managed WordPress hosting. This encompasses a suite of services designed to optimize your online presence. You’ll benefit from unmetered bandwidth, which means you won’t be limited by data usage. Moreover, you’ll experience industry-leading speed that ensures your website loads swiftly, enhancing user experience. Security measures are also integrated to provide robust protection against potential threats.

5. 24/7 Premier Support:

WordPress.com takes customer support seriously. The 100-Year Plan includes dedicated and personalized 24/7 premier support. This level of assistance ensures that you have expert guidance and troubleshooting at your disposal whenever you need it.

Why Choose the 100-Year Plan?

The significance of the 100-Year Plan lies in its far-reaching implications. This isn’t just about a longer domain registration; it’s about establishing a lasting online legacy. Whether you’re an individual sharing your passions, a family documenting cherished memories, or a business cementing its brand identity, the plan offers unmatched stability and commitment to your digital narrative. In a fast-paced digital world, having a domain that spans a century is a declaration of your dedication to the digital realm and your vision for a future where your online presence continues to thrive.

The Future’s Boundless Potential:

WordPress.com’s 100-Year Plan is more than a technical offering; it’s an investment in tomorrow. It represents a commitment to the limitless potential of the digital landscape. By embracing this plan, you’re not just securing a domain; you’re becoming a part of a digital evolution that transcends time. Whether you’re an entrepreneur shaping your company’s legacy, an artist showcasing your portfolio, or an individual preserving your story for generations to come, the 100-Year Plan embodies the spirit of endurance and the promise of a digital future that endures.

What is in it for Domain Name Investors?

For domain name investors, the landscape of online assets is akin to a canvas of possibilities. Each domain carries the potential to become a digital masterpiece, a sought-after address that holds value in the vast virtual world. With WordPress.com’s revolutionary 100-year domain registration plan, domain name investors are presented with an opportunity that transcends the conventional and embraces the boundless.

Reshaping the Investment Landscape

Traditionally, domain name investors have navigated the market with an eye on short- to medium-term returns. However, WordPress.com’s century-long domain registration plan introduces a paradigm shift that expands the horizons of investment strategies. Imagine securing domain names not just for a few years, but for a remarkable century. This isn’t just an investment in the present; it’s a bet on the future.

Investing in Endurance and Legacy

Domain names, like vintage wines, often appreciate with time. The longer a domain is held, the more it can accrue value as digital landscapes evolve, businesses grow, and online identities become increasingly pivotal. With a 100-year domain registration, investors position themselves to reap the rewards of an extended ownership period. This isn’t just a transaction; it’s an investment in endurance, legacy, and the potential to be part of the digital narratives of tomorrow.

Cultivating Rarity and Exclusivity

Rare and sought-after assets hold a unique allure. In the realm of domain names, scarcity often translates to increased value. WordPress.com’s offering of 100-year domain registrations creates an avenue for domain name investors to cultivate exclusivity. Imagine being the steward of a domain that extends far into the future, a domain that becomes a symbol of rarity in a vast digital landscape.

Navigating the Digital Evolution

In a dynamic digital world, adaptability is key. The 100-year domain registration plan provides domain name investors with the flexibility to align their investments with the ever-evolving online landscape. As technology, trends, and businesses transform, having a digital asset that stands steadfast for a century ensures that your investment remains relevant across eras.

Investing Beyond Numbers

For domain name investors, success isn’t just measured in monetary terms; it’s defined by the impact and longevity of their investments. WordPress.com’s 100-year domain registration plan offers more than a numerical advantage; it offers a narrative advantage. It positions investors to be part of stories that unfold over generations, stories that extend beyond balance sheets and into the fabric of digital culture.

Comparing WordPress.com with its peers

In a realm where domain registration durations have conventionally spanned up to 10 years across various providers, WordPress.com emerges as a pioneering force that shatters the limitations of the norm. With its remarkable 100-year domain registration plan, WordPress.com presents an offering that not only stands out but also redefines the expectations of what’s possible in the digital landscape.

While industry leaders such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains, Name.com, and IONOS adhere to the 10-year maximum registration period, WordPress.com’s century-long plan stands as a remarkable departure from the familiar. Let’s delve into the figures to understand why this offering outshines its peers.

Consider the scenario: you’re presented with the choice of a 10-year domain registration from a prominent registrar, or you’re invited to secure a domain through WordPress.com for a century. The figures speak volumes – 10 years versus 100 years. While a 10-year registration offers a substantial duration that aligns with the industry standard, it pales in comparison to the unparalleled longevity offered by WordPress.com’s plan.

The difference isn’t just numerical; it’s monumental. A domain registered through WordPress.com’s 100-year plan carries a sense of permanence, a promise that your digital address remains intact through generations. In contrast, a 10-year registration, although respectable, leaves room for uncertainties when it comes to long-term digital legacies.

Imagine the advantage of a domain that remains yours for a century. It’s a domain that not only serves as your digital address but also evolves into a symbol of commitment, vision, and lasting presence. Whether you’re a family looking to preserve cherished memories, a business seeking enduring brand identity, or an individual aspiring for a narrative that transcends time, WordPress.com’s century-long plan presents itself as the beacon of choice.


In a world where innovation fuels progress, WordPress.com’s offering doesn’t just set a new standard; it reimagines the narrative of domain ownership. It challenges the notion that a decade is the limit of digital commitment and invites us to embrace the limitless potential of a century.

As you weigh the options in the domain registration landscape, consider the gravity of this choice. It’s not merely a technical decision; it’s an investment in your digital legacy. The figures underscore a truth that’s hard to ignore: WordPress.com’s offering isn’t just better; it’s unmatched, it’s groundbreaking, and it’s a leap into the future of online presence.

In the grand tapestry of digital evolution, WordPress.com’s century-long domain registration stands as a stroke of brilliance – an offering that empowers you to shape a narrative that endures, a narrative that isn’t confined by fleeting timelines but blossoms across generations. Choose not just a domain; choose a promise of permanence, choose a century, and choose to stand at the forefront of a digital revolution.


  1. Olivia Schmidt Avatar
    Olivia Schmidt

    WordPress.com’s introduction of a 100-year domain registration plan is a groundbreaking move that redefines online presence. The ability to secure a domain for a century signifies lasting commitment and digital legacy. The comprehensive package, including security, support, and managed hosting, is impressive. This innovation also reshapes domain investment, offering investors a century-long horizon for their assets. Comparing with peers, the difference is monumental, with WordPress.com’s plan offering unmatched longevity. This update prompts us to consider the enduring impact of our digital identity and embrace the limitless potential of a century in the digital world.

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