Various issues hindering growth of Bangladeshi ccTLDs

A recent post by the Business Standard, states that the total number of registered domains in .bd fell from 46,800 in 2019 to  31,402 in October, 2021. This comes in as more of the thrust on worldwide business entities has been to shift to online modes because of Covid induced lockdowns. Even in such situations, a fall in net registrations does indicate some issues flagging the Bangladeshi ccTLD

Bangladesh has two ccTLDs. First being .bd and the second being .বাংলা. Both of these domains were supposed to be a tree for Bangladesh’s online ventures. However the reception has been not encouraging. In fact people prefer a .com and a .net over the domestic TLDs. 

The reason behind this is many fold. First being the country’s strict regulation policy. The domain name is offered only to those having a trade license and that also in the same name of the domain name being registered. Second, the domain names that are available are third level domains beneath several second level domain names. And third, the whole process takes a lot of time, almost around a day. The reasons for the delay are said to be security reasons. However, in the competitive world of today a day’s time while getting hold of a domain name is just not done. 

Last year we came across an incident of Facebook taking action against the domain name The domain was available for sale. This forced Facebook to take legal action.


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