at 1 million dollars?

To be honest, the prices at which several of the NFTs have been sold have distorted what I consider ‘ridiculous’ when prices of entities are concerned. However, even my expanded view of ‘ridiculous’ pricing still can’t grab the fact that is available for $1 million! 

Vamika Kohli is the name of the daughter of popular Indian Actress Anushka Sharma and Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli. The couple is celebrated and discussed all over India which extended to the couple’s pregnancy. Vamika was born, and suddenly Vamika Kohli became a very popular term all over India. 

However, a Digital Journal report states that is now available. The domain name is priced at $1 million and is available at afternic. However, the price stated is hard to digest. 

The name is indeed very popular. However, considering that name is particularly popular in India, a .in domain name would have been a better choice. Moreover, the practical application of the domain name seems narrow. The name doesn’t have any business or corporate significance.

Keeping such a high price, just because the name is talked about or a popular one doesn’t seem justified. Only those domain names with such high price ranges are purchased, which have the scope of providing appropriate returns. This seems missing here. 

Also there is a high chance that the buyer of the domain name would have to face a lengthy legal battle with Vamika’s parents!


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Many similar cases have happened earlier also where the ownership of the domain name is not available to the celebrity and other people sold their “name” domain names. This is also a severe issue for the celebrity as anyone can miss-appropriately used their named domain names. These also increases the frauds done on these websites where the people that that they are investing or donating to a genuine website regardless of knowing about the details of the domain name.

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