Trademark Battle: Threads Software Limited Challenges Meta Over “Threads”

In an earlier post we had explained to you about the tussle with Meta’s Threads and another Threads, a Slack alternative, which operated on the domain name Meta’s Threads thus had to satisfy the domain name.

Now another Threads is increasing trouble for Meta’s Threads. This time the trouble is from the UK.

In a classic showdown reminiscent of David versus Goliath, Threads Software Limited, a British software company, has taken on Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, in a trademark dispute over the name “Threads.” Threads Software Limited is urging Meta to stop using the name “Threads” in the UK, citing its ownership of the British trademark for this brand since 2012. Let’s break down the story and understand what’s at stake.

Threads Software Limited’s Claim

Threads Software Limited is the proud owner of the British trademark for “Threads,” registered in 2012. They use this trademark for their intelligent messaging hub, which can neatly store emails, tweets, and voice over internet protocol phone calls in a cloud database. The company’s lawyers recently sent a letter to Meta, notifying them of their trademark rights and demanding that Meta cease using the name Threads within the UK.

The Countdown

Threads Software Limited isn’t mincing words here. They’ve given Meta a 30-day ultimatum to comply with their request. If Meta doesn’t comply within the stipulated time frame, Threads Software Limited has made it clear that they’re ready to escalate the matter and seek legal recourse by obtaining an injunction from the courts.

The “” Offer

Adding fuel to the fire, Threads Software Limited revealed that they declined four offers from Meta’s legal team to purchase their domain name, This indicates that the British company has a clear intention to protect its brand and not let it be overshadowed or outbid by the tech giant.

Threads Software Limited’s Concerns

When Meta launched its social media app called “Threads,” aiming to compete with Elon Musk’s X, Threads Software Limited claimed that their brand was removed from Facebook. This action has raised concerns for the British company, as they view it as a significant threat to their business from one of the world’s largest technology companies.

John Yardley, the managing director of Threads Software Limited, emphasized the importance of upholding their trademark rights. He asserted that despite the significant size and influence of Meta, it doesn’t grant them the right to use the “Threads” brand name without permission.

Meta’s Response

As of now, Meta has not issued an immediate response to the request for comment from Insider.

In a world where trademark disputes are not uncommon, this case shines a spotlight on the complexities of intellectual property rights, legal actions, and the battle to protect one’s brand identity. Threads Software Limited’s determination to safeguard its trademark against a tech behemoth like Meta highlights the significance of intellectual property in the digital age.

It’s worth noting that Threads Software Limited operates under the domain name “,” adding a unique twist to the tale. The outcome of this dispute will likely depend on the intricacies of trademark law and legal regulations in the UK. We’ll be watching closely as this modern-day David and Goliath battle unfolds in the tech world.



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