Titan and Cross selling @ NamesCon Global 2022

Titan is among the platinum partners for the ongoing NamesCon Global 2022 in Austin, Texas. The email management suite organized an event on accelerating revenue through strategic cross-sells for registrars and resellers. Let’s dive deeper into how it explains and promotes everything that Titan does.

Titan is a new email service that aims at revolutionizing the way emails are sent, especially in the Corporate environment. The company is making a move to sway the corporate customers from the legacy email establishments. There are several features in it like a WhatsApp double tick version of emails, in its suite to support its novel cause.

Titan recently signed an agreement with Identity Digital ( Formerly Donuts Inc.) owned Name.com to promote its email service. This is also what has been the theme of its discussion at NamesCon Global 2022.

The discussion was based around how the suitable use of Cross-selling can help the registrars and resellers dealing with bulk domain names. Cross-selling refers to additional purchases that a customer can avail at the time of its primary purchase. The add ons purchase can enhance the usage experience of the primary product and thus enhance customer satisfaction.

This is where Titan comes in. Titan’s partnership with Name.com supported Titan as well as Name.com. Titan elaborated on the concept with actual market data. However, it is beyond our scope to reveal them.

Titan even has a beautiful domain name at Titan.email. This perfect domain name explains how deep Titan’s knowledge about domain names and the effect on domain names on Cross-selling is.


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