Renowned Surgeon troubled by an attacking domain name

Brand Image is crucial, especially online. A company might not even be huge on paper, but on the point branding could make it stand at par with even bigger companies. Same is true on the opposite side. A hurt to the brand image can have a catastrophic effect on a company’s economics. This is why firms are sensitive about it. However, this effect is not limited to just business conglomerates. It can be seen in other sectors like the medical sector as well.

Anton Bilchik is a popular name in American Healthcare. The cancer specialist has established a name for himself. A single Google Search results into a swarm of results from different domains claiming their relation with Anton Bilchik. However, the Oncologist has been facing trouble from a domain name. In fact, he has filed for a UDRP on it as well. The domain name here is

The creators of the platform at the domain name severely disagree from the general perception and goodwill with Dr. Bilchik. They claim that he is a fake doctor with shoddy documentation. The website questions the qualifications of the doctor and says that his training was improper. Apparently the father of the creator of the website was being treated with Anton. According to the creator, the cancer in question was curable, however it wasn’t cured because Anton left it there. 
Anton Bilchik is, as claimed by the domain name also, among top 1% in the USA expert surgeons. He operates on the domain name The claims by the domain name are serious and must be investigated. The UDRP filing might be the beginning of the legalization of the issue.


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