Nominet suspends 29,000 .uk domains


Nominet, the .uk domain registry has suspended 28,937 domains this year. The takedowns happened because of the company’s vision to clear the UK’s cyberspace.

The registry took the action after 5 out of the 10 companies it collaborates with, sent requests on takedowns. Out of the 28,937 takedowns, 28,606 came from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) which deals with requests relating to IP infringements. 178 from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, 90 from Trading Standards, 48 from the Financial Conduct Authority and the Medicines and 31 from Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

The figures however constitute 0.33% of the 13 Million strong .uk registry. In fact, the figures have dropped from the previous year’s score of 32,813 blockades. It seems, the suspension spree of Nominet is working!

By The Wizard

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