NameBlock @ NamesCon Global 2022

NameBlock AS was launched at the NamesCon Global 2022. The Gold partner of NamesCon might have the solution that the industry is in dire need of.

NameBlock is a unique one place destination to protect your brand name against domain name impersonation. We all understand the importance a right domain name can have in the branding of a business. However, in the present scenario where there are hundreds and hundreds of choices of extensions, protecting trademarks and brand identity becomes extremely difficult. Anyone can register a domain name that might be infringing the trademark of another brand and the aggrieved brand has no choice but to knock the doors of a judicial system for each time such occurrence surfaces.

The whole process is time consuming, engaging and utterly frustrating. NameBlock aims to tackle this problem. NameBlock provides a Universal Domain Blocking Marketplace. NameBlock has brought different registrars and registries together in order to assist brands in fighting against counterfeit domain names. The company provides an easy integration process through API for both the registrars and registries.

To enable such blocking across an extension, its registry can integrate with NameBlock. While a registrar can integrate with NameBlock and could be presented in the stand customer purchase flow. However, the success of all of this depends upon how many registries join it. Only if a substantial number of registries join could this endeavor be called success.


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