Microsoft Office 365 users beware

Scammers are getting smarter in the ways they trick you. They are continously developing new techniques to fake popular brands and trick people. This time they have pointed on Microsoft Office 365.

As reported by WinBuzzer a new phishing scam is around, that targets Microsoft Office customers. The scam begins with a notification that urges users to check their spam folders. The messages include links that are fradulent. 

What makes the phishing attack more dangerous is the spot on e-mail Id. The E-mail id used by the spammer is [email protected]. This email Id is extremely confusing, in the sense that people would take it as an authentic Microsoft Id. 

Once, you click the link in the mail, it will take you to a portal that will ask you for your personal details. Considering, the high levels of mimicry employed by the scammers you would totally trust it to be a legitimate Microsoft account and would enter your details. This is were they phishing campaign succeeds. Once they have your personal credentials and Login info, they can use it a number of notorious ways.


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