How Bloomberg’s Twitter Led Users to a Fake Discord – What You Need to Know


In a recent cybersecurity incident, Bloomberg Crypto‘s official Twitter account became a unwitting accomplice in a phishing attack, exposing users to a deceptive scheme that could compromise their digital security. Let’s delve into the unfolding events and understand the gravity of the situation. The Breach: Twitter Compromise Opens the Door Image Source The breach of Bloomberg...

Stay Sharp Online: How to Outsmart ChatGPT Phishing Scams


In the vast sea of the internet, where sharks and dolphins swim side by side, there’s a new predator in town—ChatGPT phishing websites. These cunning scams are using the popularity of ChatGPT and OpenAI to lure unsuspecting prey into their traps. But fear not, we’ve got your back. Here’s your guide on how to spot these virtual sharks and what to do if you find yourself swimming...

Under the Microscope: Examining Qatar’s 88% Rise in PHISHING Attacks


Qatar, a modern marvel of progress and innovation, has recently encountered an unexpected and alarming challenge on its digital horizon. As the mercury rises and summer vacations beckon, a shadow looms over the nation in the form of an unprecedented 88% surge in phishing attacks during the first quarter of 2023 compared to the previous year. This meteoric rise in cyber threats has thrust Qatar...

15,000 phishing packages found in NPM repository


A blog report by Checkmarx has found over 15,000 phishing packages in the NPM repository. The packages were designed to mimic legitimate packages, but actually contained malicious code that would steal sensitive information from users. The phishing packages were uploaded to the npm repository by attackers who were able to bypass the security measures in place. The packages were able to remain...

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority warns about an ongoing phishing campaign


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA) has announced the presence of an ongoing phishing campaign. The campaign is spearheaded by the impersonation of the Regulatory Authority. The authority announced that a number of people were receiving emails that claimed to be from a representative from the FIRA. The phishing campaign deploys the domain name Claims-FINRA.org. We want to...

Phishing attacks in Singapore increased by 829% in 2021


Zscaler ThreatLabz has released the State of Phishing Report 2022. The Report highlights different trends related to phishing scams in the previous year.  According to the report, phishing scams increased worldwide by 23%. The US is the most phished country in the world with it attracting more than 60% of all attacks. The US is followed by Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands. However, the most...

When Department of Labor domain name was spoofed


While going through my research related to domain names, I stumbled upon this awesome podcast called Federal Drive with Tom. In an episode, Mr. Roger Kay came as a guest and talked about an interesting phishing scam related to the Department of Labor.  Kay during his work noticed a pattern in a number of cases reported by users. They were all about a scam related to the DOL. The scamsters...

An explosion in Online Pharmacy scams


Covid despite its adversity also gave a window for new innovations to emerge. One of the stark innovations, in user behaviour, has emerged in the way people buy medicines. More and more people are moving towards online pharmacies considering their increased vitality during the pandemic and lockdowns. However, this also brought an undesired demon along with it, Cyber Scams. With an increased...

December 2021 was the most Phished month of all time


APWG.org published its quarterly phishing report. The report shows worrying trends related to the prevalent online scam. The report noted a sharp rise in the number of phishing scams with December 2021 being the highest ever month since APWG began publishing its reports in 2004. 316,747 phishing attacks were seen by APWG in December. Even if compared to the figures reported in January 2021(which...

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