Italian Wine with the Nazi branding

Nazism is considered an untouchable political ideology, with even an association with it being taken as a strong political accusation. There has been extreme censoring of the data and information related to it. Displaying Nazi symbols is considered blasphemy. Amid these conditions, an Italian Winemark continues to sell liquor with its Nazi Branding.

An Italian winemaker Vini Lunardelli (formerly Alessandro Lunardelli) has been selling alcoholic beverages with Adolf Hitler’s imagery and different slogans of the Nazi Germany. The slogans include “Blut und Ehre” (Blood and Honour), the classic “Sieg Heil” (Hail Victory) and many others.

The Winemaker has been selling this liquor for more than 25 years now. Any product with Nazi symbolism is banned in Germany and Austria. However, bottles can be ordered online through winemaker’s portal. 

According to the Winemaker, they aren’t supporting Nazism or any ideology. In their defence, they do also sell Stalin themed bottles as well. They sell these products in the Historical section and take this as the way people can remember history. Its website even specifically mentions that they deny any kind of political propaganda. In fact, the History section contributes to half of winemakers profits.

However, the local Jewish community wasn’t very happy with this product line. They vocally came out against this product criticising it with horror. 

Vini Lunardelli has assured that the Nazi liquor bottles would be stopped. But this won’t be possible until late 2023.


  1. Mark Beck Avatar
    Mark Beck

    Its a subjective matter if you actually think about it. Some people with no connection at all with Nazis would find it hilarious while the other would find it disgusting. While the manufacturer states that the product was solely for people wanting to remember history, the product can be questioned on the basis of its legitimacy.

  2. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Nazism’s ideology was shaped by Hitler’s beliefs in German racial superiority and the dangers of communism. It rejected liberalism, democracy, the rule of law, and human rights, stressing instead the subordination of the individual to the state and the necessity of strict obedience to leaders. So, anyone using the Nazi symbol is directly or indirectly promoting these thoughts to people.

  3. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    It’s important to respect cultural sensitivities and not to promote hate speech. While historical awareness is important, it should not come at the cost of promoting harmful ideologies. It’s disappointing to see a winemaker continuing to sell liquor with Nazi branding, especially when it causes harm to a community. It’s crucial for domain sellers to consider the potential impact of the brands they sell and to be mindful of the message they are promoting.

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