Is Quatreau similar to Cointreau?

The first basis of trademark disputes begins from establishing whether the marks in dispute have a basis of similarity. Only after the similarity is proven, do the case proceed. 

US authorities had been presented with a case of a trademark dispute. The Complainant here was the maker of popular orange coloured liqueur, Cointreau. The Complaint here claimed that the product Quatreau was an infringement over its trademarks. 

Cointreau is a brand that was created in 1849 and even now is one of the popular beverages with more than millions of bottles being sold each year. The Respondent here was Canopy Growth, the company that produces Quatreau. 

Quatreau is a product that includes sparkling water infused with Cannabidiols (CBD). Cointreau claimed that the Quatreau name is similar to its products name. Adding to the similarity is the common nature of the products as well. 

Quatreau also contains intoxicants similar to Cointreau. In fact Cointreau was planning itself to expand to the CBD oil as it is a natural progression to expand. However in case it does so, consumers would likely be confused when two beverages with the same nature and similar name are being presented in front of them. 

The legal proceedings and the knowledge as to which party is right hasn’t been announced. However, a settlement agreement has been signed between the two and the dispute has been resolved. It is highly likely that Quatreau has been incorporated into Cointreau’s company or its brand name has been acquired.


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