European Police teams up to take action against domain names

European Police have taken a joint action against an entity selling sensitive user data online. Several domain names related to the notorious platform RaidForums through the operation named TOURNIQUET. 

EuroPol has achieved this through hard work and determined planning. The platform RaidForums operated through the principal domain name Two other domain names pointed to it: and

All of these domain names have been brought down by the EuroPol. In fact on the domain name, EuroPol has even posted that the domain name has been seized! 

This was achieved through the deployment of police officials from numerous European countries. Police officials from the UK, US, Germany, Sweden, Portugal and Romania took part in this action.

RaidForums was a platform that operated as a marketplace to gain users personal data. The platform gathered this sensitive data when these were leaked online. The leaked data included credit card information, bak details, usernames, passwords, etc. These leaks hurt the people and business entities alike, leaked related to whom were offered for sale. 

The person behind this platform is already under custody. The domain names were operating which were brought down by this joint coercive action.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Life and death of RaidForums, the largest illegal personal data superstore. Initially created in 2015 to coordinate harassment campaigns, the site has become the epicenter of the largest data thefts in recent years.
    Such type of content must be removed from the internet as it provokes crime globally and people with criminal mindset get easy access of illegal networks.

  2. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    “Europol has taken down several domain names connected to the illegal platform RaidForums through an operation called TOURNIQUET. The main domain name and two others, and, have been seized by the police. The operation involved police officials from several European countries and the US, and the person behind the platform is now in custody. RaidForums was a marketplace for selling sensitive user data obtained from leaks, including credit card information and login details.”

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