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72% Europeans consume their news online


A recent report by Eurostat has revealed that almost three out four people in the European Union consume their news online. The report Consumption of online news rises in popularity, stated that 72% of people in the European Union consumed their news online in 2021. There is an intra-diversity in the region with different countries having varied levels of online news intake. Finland (93%)...

European Police teams up to take action against domain names


European Police have taken a joint action against an entity selling sensitive user data online. Several domain names related to the notorious platform RaidForums through the operation named TOURNIQUET.  EuroPol has achieved this through hard work and determined planning. The platform RaidForums operated through the principal domain name RaidForums.com. Two other domain names pointed to it:...

All .eu domain names held by UK, cancelled


Yesterday, all .eu domain names under UK citizens and organizations were cancelled permanently. This marked the completion of the long .eu domain names adaptation to Brexit.  The process had started at the beginning of the last year itself. At the start of 2021, a number of domain names showed a ‘suspended’ sign. The domain names could have been reinstated once the registrant showed the necessary...

EURid gets an extension of 5 years over .eu


The European Commission has announced the name of the registry manager of .eu TLD for the next 5 years. The commission has again chosen EURid to manage the extension. A job that it has been performing since a long time and will continue till October 2027. .eu is the ccTLD of the European Union. The popular extension has been sponsored by the European Commission, the executive branch of the Union...

Leave.Eu has left Britain


As of 08/01/2021 Brexit has changed a lot of things for a lot of people. The Island country’s exit from the Union has left a long list of decades old businesses hanging midway, as they have to choose between one of the two.  Interestingly Leave.Eu, a website whose whole purpose was to make Britain leave the European Union has ironically left Britain. Yes, you heard that right. The Website...

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