Leave.Eu has left Britain

As of 08/01/2021

Brexit has changed a lot of things for a lot of people. The Island country’s exit from the Union has left a long list of decades old businesses hanging midway, as they have to choose between one of the two. 

Interestingly Leave.Eu, a website whose whole purpose was to make Britain leave the European Union has ironically left Britain. Yes, you heard that right. The Website that was spearheading the online campaign of Brexit has joined the European Union.

As Brexit unfolds, the British owners of .Eu domains were in fear of getting their domain cancelled. But the European Union provided relief to the people by letting the British people keep their websites on the condition that the domain name must be registered under the name of a European Citizen.

The same situation applied to the British owner of Leave.Eu. The domain that had a .Eu extension must be in the name of a EU citizen otherwise the domain would have been cancelled. As reported by the Guardian, the domain name is now registered under the name of Sean Power, the chief executive of the Ireland-based professional services company BSG.

This situation is a clear testimony of the internal contradictions of this historic move! 


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