Etalaze shifts from .cn domain name to .biz

Etalaze has announced that it is going to shift its domain name from Chinese ccTLD. The company has transitioned from to

However, one thing is peculiar to this domain name change. That is, whenever a company makes a transition to a new domain name, the erstwhile domain name is still kept. The earlier domain name is made to redirect to the new name. 

However, this didn’t happen here. The domain name neither has a website nor did it redirect to some other domain name. 

The reason for the change hasn’t been stated by the Company. However, the change could be seen as a strategic branding attempt. A .cn domain name restricts global reach. 

Association with China has also been heavily politicised. The erstwhile branding was not suitable for the company’s expansion. Hence, the change. 

The new .biz domain name not only gives an energetic feeling, but also presents a Universal branding. Instead of a regional or sectional view. 

Etalaze is a global bodybuilding supplement provider. The company has numerous collaborations with medical companies all over the globe. The company provides products mainly through its website, the domain name of which, exclusively is


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    There are really only two ways you can go about changing your domain name — you can change your domain and all associated links at once or you can make the change one section of your site at a time. Both ways risk affecting your SEO, so choose the one better for you.

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