conquering regulatory barriers, one nation after another has acquired the registration to conduct cryptocurrency related activities in the UK. After getting the approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK would be another addition to a growing list of the countries where has acquired statutory rights.

Few days ago, the company had signed the pre-registration undertaking with Canada’s Ontario Securities Commission. With the agreement has become the first company to have such regulatory and legal rights for cryptocurrency related activities in Canada. So, is this just an expansionist move from the Company or is there something more here?

Before Canada and the UK, had signed agreements in South Korea and Cayman Islands. There must be a reason for these multiple signings by the Crypto company. The reason behind these regulatory approvals is‘s strategy for a visionary branding move. wants to present itself as the safety bridge connecting the state governments and the Crypto world. The decentralised web was made on the principle that it’d be free from any central control. Without any surprise all the different governments saw the dWeb with suspicion and alarm. There was a wide gap in communication as innovative Crypto companies vied for a more elaborate decentralisation. wants to brand itself as the filler of these gaps. By signing one agreement after another it seems to champion a global approval for itself., domain name is the perfect name to achieve such mass acceptance. in short would be looking to be somewhat of a counterpart to in the Crypto world. As the company sees it, the gates of that world opens at Government offices of different nations.


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