Nintendo Switch piracy domain names blocked


Popular video games and electronics company Nintendo has won an injunction in a UK Court. The company was fighting against two piracy domains.  These domains were distributing pirated games that could be played on a Nintendo Console. These domains are NSW2U and NSWROM. Multiple domain names were made using these names with various different extensions such as NSW2U.xyz, NSW2U.org, NSW2U.com...

Earlier the dispute was over land, now over domain names


As of 31/07/2021 History has a knack of becoming relevant over and over again. It is said that to understand the present one must first know about the past. And truly so, when it comes to the popular domain name extension  .io. As reported by Scoop, The Chagos Refugees Group UK (CRG UK) and the Crypto Currency Resolution Trust (CCRT) have filed a case against Afilias Ltd. in the Organization...

Is The UK Government Colonizing The .IO Extension


The .io is a popular domain extension for many SaaS (software as a service) companies. In the world of computers, I/O stands for Input/Output, a common term used when discussing computing processes. Such is the popularity of .io that Google’s ad targeting treats it as a gTLD. However, the origins of this extension don’t lie in the tech world, but in Britain’s colonial history. The Chagos...

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